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Francesco Damiani

Role: Associated Staff
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Perugia
Tel: (39) 075-5014862
E-mail: francesco.damiani@ibbr.cnr.it

Born in Perugia (Italy) August 2nd 1953

Formation: Master in Agricultural sciences; ph.D. in Plant Production; 1984-85 scholarship at the University of California Davis (USA); EMBO Course “Petunia hybrida as model system for molecular biology (Amsterdam september 1987)

Expertise: Plant breeding of forage species (legumes and grasses); Plant tissue culture, somatic hybridisation, Genetic transformation; Molecular tools for plant population studies and marker assisted selection.

Research activity: Biosynthesis of flavonoids in forage legumes; Novel crops for healthy foods and energy; Environmental constrains and population structure in spontaneous aquatic plants.

Main research projects:
2013- PSR Umbria: Quinoa new opportunity for the agriculture in Umbria
2010-2012 PRIN-MIUR Investigations of the genetic and epigenetic changes in induced polysomic polyploids of crop plants: Alterations of secondary metabolite pathways observed in induced and spontaneous polyploids of Medicago, Solanum and Lotus spp.
2006-2007 COALTA2: Alternative crops to tobacco MIPAF-EU
2006 AIS (Associazione Italiana Sementi) Sunflower project
2005 -2008 FISR-MIUR M.I.C.E.N.A. Integrated model for the evolution of natural and agricultural ecosystems in relation with climatic changes in the Mediterranean areal
2005 - 2006 CNR CONICET Bilateral Project: Genetic manipulation for a better use of Lotus spp. in marginal soils
1999-2002 EU project Compounds and gene for enhanced protein assimilation and digestion” IV FP of EU (co-ordinator)

Some Publications:

Francisco J Escaray, Valentina Passeri, Florencia M Babuin, Francisco Marco, Pedro Carrasco, Francesco Damiani, Fernando L Pieckenstain, Francesco Paolocci and Oscar A Ruiz (2014) Lotus tenuis x L. corniculatus interspecific hybridization as a means to breed bloat-safe pastures and gain insight into the genetic control of proanthocyanidin biosynthesis in legumes BMC Plant Biology, 14:40 doi:10.1186/1471-2229-14-40
Damiani F. (2012) Alimentazione, fra tradizione e innovazione (2012) Studi umbri, Rivista culturale online, n.5
Francesco Paolocci, Mark P Robbins, Valentina Passeri, Barbara H Hauck, Philip Morris, Andrea Rubini, Sergio Arcioni, and Francesco Damiani (2011)The strawberry transcription factor FaMYB1 inhibits the biosynthesis of proanthocyanidins in Lotus corniculatus leaves. J Exp Bot. 62: 1189-1200.
Damiani F., Passeri V., Arcioni S., Paolocci F. (2008) Lotus corniculatus: a model species to dissect the genetic control of proanthocyanidin biosynthesis in vegetative tissues of forage legumes Lotus Newsletter 38 (2), 59-61.
Damiani F., Paolocci F., Arcioni S. (2008) Genetic Transformation of Lotus Species In: (P. B. Kirti ed.) Handbook of New Technologies for Genetic Improvement of Legumes. The Haworth press inc. (Handbook of New Technologies for Genetic Improvement of Legumes ISBN: 9781560223092SBN-10: 156022309X Publication Date: 01/05/2008). pp.301-315
Escaray F.J, Estrella M.J., Pesqueira J., Pieckenstain F.L., Damiani F., Paolocci F., Ruiz O.A. (2007) Condensed tannins in the genus Lotus. Lotus Newsletter 37(1): 34-35
Paolocci F., Robbins M.P., Madeo L., Arcioni S., Martens S., Damiani F. (2007) Ectopic Expression of a Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Gene Transactivates Parallel Pathways of Proanthocyanidin Biosynthesis. Structure, Expression Analysis, and Genetic Control of Leucoanthocyanidin 4-Reductase and Anthocyanidin Reductase Genes in Lotus corniculatus. Plant Physiol. 143: 504-516
Paolocci F, Bovone T., Tosti N., Arcioni S., Damiani F. (2005) Light and an exogenous transcription factor qualitatively and quantitatively affect the biosynthetic pathway of condensed tannins in Lotus corniculatus leaves. J Exp Botany 56: 1093-1103
Robbins M.P., Paolocci F., Hughes J.W., Turchetti V., Allison G., Arcioni S., Morris P. and Damiani F. (2003) Sn, a maize bHLH gene, transactivates anthocyanin and condensed tannin pathways in Lotus corniculatus. J Exp Botany 54:239-248.
Bellucci M., Paolocci F., Damiani F., Arcioni S. (2002) Plant DNA methylation and gene expression. In (Jain S.M., Brar D.S. and Ahloowalia, eds.): Molecular techniques in crop improvement. Kluwer Acad. Pubbl. Dordrecht, Boston, London pp. 501-539.
Paolocci F., Capucci R., Arcioni S., Damiani F. (1999) Birdsfoot trefoil: a model for studying the synthesis of condensed tannins. In (Groos G.G., Heminghway R.W., Yoshida T, eds): Plant Polyphenols 2. Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacology, Ecology. Kluwer Academic/Plenum press New York pp. 343-356
Bellucci M., Alpini A., Damiani F., Arcioni S: (1998) Transcription of a maize cDNA in Lotus corniculatus is regulated by T-DNA methylation and transgene copy number. Theor Appl Genet 98:257-264
Damiani F., Paolocci F., Consonni G., Crea G., Tonelli C., Arcioni S. (1998) A maize anthocyanin transactivator induces pigmentation in several transgenic dycotiledonous species. Plant Cell Report 17:339-344
Crea F., Calderini O., Nenz E., Cluster P.D., Damiani F., Arcioni S. (1997),Chromosomal and molecular rearrangenments in somatic hybrids between tetraploid Medicago sativa and diploid Medicago falcata. Theor Appl Genet 95:1112-1118
Cluster P.D., Calderini O., Pupilli F., Crea F., Damiani F., Arcioni S. (1996) The fate of ribosomal genes in three interspecific somatic hybrids of Medicago sativa: three different outcomes including the rapid amplification of new space-length variants. Theor Appl Genet 93:801-808

Activity in scientific societies and diffusion:
2001 Organizer of the Special Session “Compounds and genes for enhanced protein assimilation and digestibility in forage legumes” in the XIV Eucarpia Medicago sp Group Meeting, Quality in Lucerne and Medics for Animal Production, Zaragoza (Spain) della 12-15 september
2001Organizer of the meeting of the working groups “Biotechnology and Differentiation” of SBI and “GMO” of SIGA Fano 7-9 june
1998-2001 Coordinator of the SIGA working group “GMO”
1998 2002 member of Scientific Council of the CNR Institute for Genetic Improvement of Vegetable Plants and Flowers 1995-1998 Coordinator of the SIGA working group “Forage plants”
1995-1997 member of the board of Italia Society for Genetics in Agriculture (SIGA)
1995 member of Italian Scientific Delegation for bilateral Italia-Australia seminars in the Marconi Centennial (Perth 2-6 october)
1982-1984 member of "EEC Working Group on Descriptors and Descriptors States in Forage Grasses"


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