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Andrea Pompa

Role: CTER-V
Section: Technicians
Division: Perugia
Tel: (39) 075-5014867
E-mail: andrea.pompa@ibbr.cnr.it

Date of birth: Cagli (PU) 26/10/1970

  • (1988) Graduated at the Technical Institute E. Mattei of Urbino
  • (1997) Degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies at the University of Bologna

Work experiences

  • (2000-2001) Scholarship for the study of compounds with therapeutic activity derived from plants at the University of Bologna, funded by the company INDENA
  • (2001-2007) Technician at the Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology of Milano
  • (2008 to present) Technician at the Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources of Perugia - Italian National Council of Research

Fields of interest

Proteins synthesis, folding and targeting in plant cell; production of recombinant proteins in plants, chloroplast biology.


• “Premio “Giubileo” Società Italiana di Genetica Agraria 2006


  • Boga, C, Corradi, A, Forlani, L, Mezzina, E, Pompa, A, Sgarabotto, P, Spinelli, D, Todesco, PE, Paper: E/9/00579J(1999) “C-H/N-H Tautomerism of Tetrakis-(2-benzothiazolyl)ethane”Journal of chemical research(S) 410-411
  • Manieri, D, Rossi, M, Archinti, M, Bellucci, M, De Marchis, F, Vavassori, S, Pompa, A, Arcioni, S, Vitale, A, (2004) “Zeolin, a new recombinant storage protein constructed using maize gamma zein and bean phaseolin.” Plant physiology, Vol. 136, pp 3447-3456.
  • Andrea Pompa and Alessandro Vitale (2006) “Retention of a Bean Phaseolin/Maize gamma-Zein Fusion in the Endoplasmic Reticulum Depends on Disulfide Bond Formation” The Plant Cell,Vol. 18, 2608-2621
  • Eva M. Klein, Laura Mascheroni, Andrea Pompa, Laura Ragni, Thilo Weimar, Kathryn S.Lilley, Paul Dupree, and Alessandro Vitale. (2006) “Plant endoplasmin supports the proteinsecretory pathway and has a role in proliferating tissues” The Plant Journal 48, 657-673
  • Paolo Lenzi, Nunzia Scotti, Fiammetta Alagna, Maria L. Tornesello ,Andrea Pompa,Alessandro Vitale, Angelo De Stradis, Luigi Monti, Stefania Grillo, Franco M. Buonaguro,Pal Maliga, Teodoro Cardi (2008) “Translational fusion of chloroplast-expressed humanpapillomavirus type 16 L1 capsid protein enhances antigenaccumulation in transplastomic tabacco” Transgenic Research 17(6):1091-102
  • Andrea Pompa , Francesca De Marchis , Alessandro Vitale , Sergio Arcioni , Michele Bellucci (2010) “An engineered C-terminal disulfide bond can partially replace the phaseolin vacuolar sorting signal” The Plant Journal
  • Linda Avesani, Alessandro Vitale, Emanuela Pedrazzini , Maddalena deVirgilio, Andrea Pompa, Alessandra Barbante, Elisa Gecchele , Paola Dominici , Francesca Morandini, Annalisa Brozzetti, Alberto Falorni, Mario Pezzotti “Recombinant human GAD65 accumulates to higher levels in transgenic tobacco plants when expressed as an enzymatically inactive mutant” Plant biotechnology journal (2010)
  • Francesca De Marchis, Andrea Pompa, Roberta Mannucci, Tomas Morosinotto, Michele Bellucci “A plant secretory signal peptide targets plastome-encodedrecombinant proteins to the thylakoid membrane” Plant Molecular Biology (2011)
  • Francesca De Marchis, Chiara Balducci, Andrea Pompa, Hilde M. F. Riise Stensland, Marco Guaragno,Rita Pagiotti, Anna R. Menghini, Emanuele Persichetti, Tommaso Beccari and Michele Bellucci “Human a-mannosidase produced in transgenic tobaccoplants is processed in human amannosidosis cell lines” Plant biotechnology journal (2011)
  • Francesca De Marchis,Andrea Pompa and Michele Bellucci. "Plastid proteostasis and heterologous protein accumulation in transplastomic plants" Plant Physiology (2012)
  • De Marchis F, Bellucci M, Pompa A. Unconventional pathways of secretory plant proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum to the vacuole bypassing the Golgi complex. Plant Signal Behav. 2013
  • De Marchis F, Bellucci M, Pompa A. Traffic of human α-mannosidase in plant cells suggests the presence of a new endoplasmic reticulum-to-vacuole pathway without involving the Golgi complex. Plant Physiol. 2013

Oral comunications

  • Speaker in the seminar “ Mechanism of protein body formation, one of the routes of protein storage in plant cells” on National Research Council, Milano 29/09/2006.
  • Speaker in the seminar” Role of the endoplasmic reticulum in the synthesis, traffic and accumulation of plant proteins” University of Torino 10/05/2007
  • Oral presentation in the international endomembrane meeting “ENPER”, title of presentation” Endoplasmic Reticulum signal peptide targets a chimeric secretory protein to thylakoids” Montepellier (8-11)/09/2009

Selected Publications
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