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The IBBR research unit at the Institute of Applied Genomics (IGA) was established to consolidate the already fruitful collaboration between the two institutes and to extend it to the entire CNR, considering that genomics and bioinformatics represent two important branches of the scientific activity of numerous CNR institutes and department. In fact, the Institute of Applied Genomics has state-of-the-art equipment and solid skills for the production and the bioinformatic analysis of high-throughput sequencing data. The URT therefore aims to allow the exchange between the two institutions of already consolidated competences and represents an opportunity for the development of new knowledge and tools with especial interest in the genomics of forest species.

In particular, the establishment of the URT is based on a research project ("Development of genomic markers for the study of the molecular basis of adaptation to climate change of species of agricultural and forestry interest") that aims to develop genetic markers to characterize genetic diversity on a genomic scale in different forest and crop species and to identify genetic variants associated with traits related to adaptation to stress factors generated by climate change. Indeed, European forests are important reservoirs of biological diversity due to their complex history and environmental variation both on a local and regional scale, and directly support the communities of other plant and animal organisms that depend on them. The impact of global change on European forests is expected to have significant consequences on species distribution, ecosystem functionality and species interaction. In this context, the study of genetic variation present in the different forest species is fundamental to understand the process of adaptation to the changed environmental conditions. In fact, as of today, for many forest species there are not enough available genomic resources to study and characterize genetic diversity. In this context, the project has set the following objectives:

  • generate genomic data using new generation sequencing and genotyping techniques to dissect the role of demography and selection in the distribution of genetic diversity in species of agricultural and forestry interest;
  • characterize germplasm collections in species of agricultural and forest interest using molecular methods;
  • carry out association studies between molecular markers and traits related to biotic and abiotic stress adaptation and to production in species of agricultural and forest interest;
  • study the effect of domestication on the distribution of genetic diversity in species of agricultural and forestry interest;
  • reconstruct the evolutionary history of species of agricultural and forestry interest.

Head: Dr. Sara Pinosio

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