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Cataldo Pulvento

Role: Researcher
Section: Researchers and Technologists
Division: Bari
Tel: (39) 0805583400

Key Qualifications:

  • Professional qualification of associate professor in Agronomy
  • PhD in Mediterranean Agronomy, University of Bari “Aldo Moro”
  • Msc in Forest and environmental science, University of Bari “Aldo Moro”
  • High school: classical studies, Liceo classico "E. Laterza”, Putignano (BA),
  • Drone pilot

Research interests :

  • Soil water plant relations using direct and indirect morpho-metric, productive and physiological surveys under field conditions and application of crop models;
  • Productive, eco-physiological and qualitative response of crops to abiotic stresses (drought and salinity);
  • Protein crops and Andean crops (quinoa and amaranth);
  • Irrigation management and study of best agronomic practices on herbaceous crops.

Work experiences

  • 2020- researcher at CNR-IBBR (Institute of Biosciences and Bioresources)
  • 2018-2020 researcher at CNR-ISAFoM (Institute for Agricultural and Forest Systems in the Mediterranean)
  • 2005 - 2018 contract researcher at CNR-ISAFoM (Institute for Agricultural and Forest Systems in the Mediterranean)

Main projects:

Selected Publications

  • Sellami, M. H., Pulvento, C., Aria, M., Stellacci, A. M., & Lavini, A. (2019). A Systematic Review of Field Trials to Synthesize Existing Knowledge and Agronomic Practices on Protein Crops in Europe. Agronomy, 9(6), 292
  • Bazile D, Pulvento C, Verniau A, Al-Nusairi MS, Ba D, Breidy J, Hassan L, Mohammed MI, Mambetov O, Otambekova M, Sepahvand NA, Shams A, Souici D, Miri K and Padulosi S (2016) Worldwide Evaluations of Quinoa: Preliminary Results from Post International Year of Quinoa FAO Projects in Nine Countries. Front. Plant Sci. 7:850. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2016.00850
  • Pulvento C., Lavini A., Riccardi M., d’Andria R., Ragab R. (2015) Assessing Amaranth adaptability in a Mediterranean area of south Italy under different climatic scenarios, Irrigation and drainage., 64, 50-58
  • Pulvento C., Riccardi M., Lavini A., D’Andria R., Ragab R. (2015) Parameterization and Field Validation of Saltmed Model for Grain Amaranth Tested in South Italy, Irrigation and drainage: 64, 59-68,.
  • Pulvento C., Riccardi M., Lavini A., d’Andria R., Ragab R. 2013. SALTMED Model to Simulate Yield and Dry Matter for Quinoa Crop and Soil Moisture Content Under Different Irrigation Strategies in South Italy Irrigation and drainage 62 (2),. 229-238
  • Pulvento C., Riccardi M., Lavini A., Iafelice G., Marconi E., d’Andria R. (2012). Yield and quality characteristics of Chenopodium quinoa Willd. grown in open field under different saline and not saline irrigation regimes. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science.198 (4), 254-263 ,
  • Pulvento C., Riccardi M., Lavini A., d’Andria R., Iafelice G., Marconi E. (2010). Field trial evaluation of two Chenopodium quinoa’s genotypes grown in rainfed conditions in a Mediterranean environment of south Italy. Journal of agronomy and crop science 197, 407-411;

Selected Publications

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